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Save Cork City

We are a voluntary group calling on people to help to protect the built heritage of Cork City for the development of its full economic potential and to restore and maintain the self esteem and dignity of the citizens of Cork through the restoration of built heritage.


The Office of Public Works (OPW) are planning to surround the River Lee with reinforced concrete in an attempt to prevent flooding in the City.

The name of the OPW proposal is the ‘Lower Lee (Cork City) Flood Relief Scheme’ and details can be found on their website.

What does this mean for Cork?

  • Cultural Heritage: the proposals will destroy huge parts of Cork’s historic character through damage to and removal of the City’s historic quay walls and railings, replacing them with basic concrete walls.
  • Economic Effect: the plan will turn the City into a building site for up to 10 years during the construction works, affecting trade and tourism in the City. The loss of and damage to huge amounts of the historic environment will stunt tourism and investment in the longer term.
  • Environmental Effect: the extent of the impact on the Lee’s flora and fauna has not truly been accounted for.
  • River Disconnection: the scheme will visually and physically disconnect the City’s quays and Fitzgerald’s Park from the Lee due to the introduction of the proposed concrete walls and embankments along the river.
  • Flooding Downstream: the Docklands, Blackrock and Mahon are not considered in any depth as part of the proposal, making them more susceptible to flooding in the future.
  • Increased Flow: The proposed works will turn the North Channel of the Lee into an open drainage channel, which will increase the risk of flooding on the North Mall, a place which has never flooded before.
  • Potential Disaster: River containment is a flawed system that has been abandoned as a flood defence measure in many countries as it is expensive, difficult to achieve and can increase water levels in times of flood, putting cities at even more risk. The scheme relies on rarely used mechanical systems such as water pumps and drain valves, that could fail with catastrophic results.


Even a brief and simple email can make a difference. Send yours to ministersoffice@opw.ie before it’s too late. Contact your City Councillors and TDs and voice your concerns.

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